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My story...

This is going to be long but it’s the intro to my journey, what did you expect? Everyone who knows me knows my favorite thing to do is talk, so here we go with the somewhat “Reader’s Digest” version…

Has there ever been a time in your life or a situation where you just felt like you were drowning? So overwhelmed with your job, family obligations, stress or life in general that you needed a reset button? In a situation you felt you had no control over that the stress was just overtaking your body like the plague? I was totally there, I felt I had so many things going on and not on top of any of it and at the time was an unfortunate victim of a reorganization at work which just seemed to put me over the edge.

My health was deteriorating. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism after realizing this normally happy go lucky girl may have been depressed for the first in my life, gained 20 pounds (what seemed overnight), was so anxious and fatigued I had a hard time running errands (which, as you know, with a family is a daily requirement) and didn’t feel like hanging out with my besties (not normal for an extrovert!). That same month I had my 6 month dental appointment and found out one of my front teeth (#23 for you dental nerds out there) had calcified. After visiting a root canal specialist I was told all was lost and it had to come out, that not only had it calcified but it had a huge infection growing under the root. What did this mean for me? I just lost a tooth at 33 years old. I was literally falling apart, this wasn’t good for anyone, my family needs me! I still can’t believe stress was the cause of all of this, your mental health has so much impact on your physical health! I needed a reset button…and bad.

New Year’s was around the corner and I was ready to make a real resolution for the first time in my life. My resolution: ME. I realize how selfish this sounds, making myself a priority? But honestly it was probably the most unselfish resolution I could have made. Being a mom it feels like everyone NEEDS you all.the.time, and it’s difficult to focus on yourself. I needed to get healthy for my family, THEY are actually my number one priority, my motivation and my reason. I love my kids and husband so much that I want to be with them for-ev-er (yes that’s a threat and yes I’m saying it like Squints in the Sandlot). There was no negotiating with myself, I was going to do something about this downward spiral and stop it in it’s tracks, but how? By gaining back control! Enter…Beachbody?!?! Huh?…

Frustrated that I couldn’t get to the gym with my family’s crazy schedules I cancelled our gym membership and turned to my friend Jackie, a Beachbody Coach. I knew people had done these crazy intense at home workouts like P90X and drank protein shakes called Shako-what? but wasn’t sure this was a good fit. I mean, only old people or crazy fitness people did workout DVDs at home and only body builders needed protein shakes, right? Boy was I wrong, WAY wrong. After talking with her about different programs I could dip my toe in, especially being completely out of shape and the heaviest I’ve ever been not pregnant, I was introduced to Chalene Johnson and PiYo. It was like the heavens opened up, I was in love, I needed her and didn’t even know it. I realized I was so surrounded with negativity that I needed a positive light and some focus, she was my light and my motivation. Ugh, I’m such a sap, I’m having a hard time writing this without water works! I really owe her my health and drive, her and Jackie have been my rocks from the beginning.

So, when am I going to work out, and with what time??? I have to tell you, I am NOT a morning person. There are all these people that can get up all early, get their workout out of the way and move on with their day. No way Jose, not me, walking Zoombie here. When is the best time to workout you ask? My mentor Chalene would say, “Whenever you can and wherever it fits into your schedule!” My magic time of day that a workout fits in for me is when my husband puts the kids to bed around 8:30pm, that’s my signal to get to the basement and get my sweat on. Personally I now prefer this time of day for my workouts: workout 8:30-9:30pm, nice hot shower and sleep like a baby.

I’ve been at this for about 21 weeks now and seeing results is understatement of the year. Not only have I lost weight, I’ve lost inches (I am the same measurements I was when I was 15 pounds lighter on WeightWatchers years ago!), I’m learning how to eat for the first time in my life, I have about 1000x more energy (thanks in part to Shakeology, no naps for me unless the kids beg me, then I’m cool with that), I am physically stronger than I have ever been before with muscles I never knew I had, I haven’t had an IBS episode in months (I know, TMI!), I am no longer pre-diabetic, and my Endocrinologist predicts my Thyroid medication will be lowered as a result of my new lifestyle changes (I have an appointment in September for labs). I FINALLY started Shakeology 3 weeks ago, with this little boost in my back pocket the sky’s the limit! It’s seriously amazing what positivity, a nutritious diet that fuels your body properly and some exercise will do to your overall well-being! So simple!

By all means, this is just the start! I’d love to take you along for the ride and would love to be a part of yours. I want to be your Coach, I want to be your cheerleader and I want to help you live a healthy and fulfilling life. Contact me!

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